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Age Appropriate Training
Thames Aquatic Club Training Groups
Video Taping 
Dry land Training
TAC is committed to providing age appropriate training for all swimmers. TAC provides a fun, educational and challenging training season for all age groups. At TAC, certain skills are constantly reinforced throughout a swimmer's career, while other physiological needs, which are specific to a swimmer's age and body development, are addressed at the appropriate developmental time in their career. Different energy systems should be developed at specific times during a swimmer's career and TAC practices are geared towards developing that age appropriate training system, stressing that system and then recovery. 
At Thames Aquatic Club, we strive to provide our members high quality coaching and training  personalized for each group's unique needs.  Our staff members are professional, courteous and trained in all aspects of competitive swimming, including nutrition, dryland training and the newest swimming techniques.   

We provide a variety of training methods:
TAC utilizes digital recording to break down and examine a swimmer's stroke, above and below the water. Drills can then be geared toward improving stroke efficiency.   Group taping is conducted throughout the season.  Individual taping may be scheduled for those wishing a private session.*
​TAC has developed a dry land training program which focuses on core stability, strength and flexibility. Age appropriate exercises are utilized throughout each exercise session while fun and team building are always incorporated.  
If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us
Nutritional and Sports Psychology Seminars
*coming soon*
*Additional fees apply.